About Us

Yarkáte – was conceived with a desire to create timeless pieces, so each piece has been inspired by the vintage style, but re-constructed for the now. Our style exudes a sense of elegance, sophistication and minimalism. Each garment designed to hold a permanent presence in your wardrobe.

   Our Mission

   In Yarkáte, we adopt the ‘less is more’ philosophy, this idea has been embedded in our brand since its conception. We believe in the principles of slow fashion, an approach that aims to encourage consumers to invest in higher quality garments that have a better impact in our environment.
     In our products we embody the essence of modern classics in order to always take a place in your wardrobe and hearts. Therefore, our goal is to make clothes of the highest quality.
      We continue to improve our business and encourage you to take part in this journey with us.

Our design process

 All our products are designed in Kyiv, and then  passed on to our incredible craftsmen and partners throughout Ukraine, where they are sewn with great attention to detail and using only natural fabrics.
     When we create a design, we always think of a woman who is confident.
     She is practical and elegant at the same time, adores vintage, is inspired by the muses of the past and enjoys simple things in life.
     She loves to travel, her house is filled with antiques and trinkets that she collects during her travels. She does not follow bright trends, her style is a reflection of her own uniqueness.
     She likes to combine her clothes with vintage finds and look elegant and comfortable at the same time.
Core Values



Natural fabric